Simon St. Barth @data5tream

Web Developer in the making. Building my own brand one page at a time.


About me

I'm a young guy from southern Spain who's trying to establish foot in the IT world. My main interests are web design and development as well as SEO and small automation jobs. I work with HTML5 and JavaScript for frontend and Python and PHP for backend.


A small list with my currently completed projects (plus some stuff from freeCodeCamp)

Chiemgau Fahrdienst

Chiemgau Fahrdienst

Design adaptation, IT consulting and SEO

Visit C.F.
Pomodoro clock

Pomodoro clock

A pomodoro clock to organize your time

Clock in
Calculator App


A calculator build with HTML5 & JS

Twitch streamer status

Twitch streamer status

A Twitch Stream widget

Take a look
Wiki search

Wiki search

A Wikipedia searcher

Quote machine

Quote machine

Get some random quotes from a design blog

Get quotes
Current weather

The Weather

Get the current weather based on your IP.

Get the weather
Very simple tribute

A simple template




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